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Serving families facing an unplanned pregnancy before, during and after with Christ-like compassion

2020 WAS

Virtual events, zoom meetings, masks and temperature checks in the office . . . like you, we had to change, adapt, and daily ask God for wisdom in 2020. 

And while it wasn’t the year we thought it would be at its beginning, it was the year God had planned for us. We just needed to Envision His Story for Our Tomorrow.

And what a story He had for us!

“Have you ever been to Advice & Aid’s office in Overland Park? When you drive down 109thSt. and turn into our driveway it is easy to see why women often “accidentally” end up at our office. Our driveway is parallel to the one that leads to the abortion clinic. Two driveways. Two paths. Two choices.  Each with very different outcomes.

The Bible talks about two paths also, the straight and narrow path that leads to life and the wide and crooked path that leads to destruction (Matthew 7:13-14). It amazes me how our presence in this corner of Overland Park is a living picture of what this Bible truth speaks on.”


It takes a lot of very special, highly trained and deeply devoted people to make this place work.

Meet the staff of Advice & Aid Pregnancy Centers.

Impact Report

Ruth Tisdale
Executive Director


Individual Clients: 880
Pregnancy Tests: 767
(603 were positive)

Of the total number of pregnancy tests, 43% were abortion-minded; 38% were abortion-vulnerable.

Sonograms: 722

533 women received sonograms; some women received more than one sonogram

Babies Born: 240
Walk-ins due to our location next to the abortion clinic: 95

Calculated from July – December


Impact Report
STD Tests: 492
STD Treatments: 65
Meetings with Men: 148
Spiritual Conversations: 100
Connections Clients: 103

Our Education Classes; included 10 fathers

Children Served in Connections: 43
Abortion Recovery Bible Study: 5
Post-Abortion Assessment: 4

An innovative service created in 2018 by Advice & Aid

Impact Report

Adoption Conversations: 164

7 Adoptions in 2020!

A 75% increase over 2019


All services at Advice & Aid are offered completely free of charge thanks to the generosity of supporters like you!


Pregnancy Testing
STI Testing/Treatment
Prenatal Consultation
Medical Referrals
Abortion Information
Post-Abortion Assessment
Abortion Pill Reversal
Case Management


Pregnancy Education
Childbirth Education
Parenting Education


Dad’s Support Group
Sexual Wholeness Program
Post-Abortion Support
Adoption Referral

Medical services offered in 2020 valued at approximately $295,000


2020 was a difficult year for any business. The stress of whether or not to remain open – and how to do so safely – was on everyone’s minds.

We knew we had to keep our doors open. The men, women and babies we serve – and would serve in the future – depended on it. So, with many safeguards in place, we remained open! We never closed our doors, even when the facility across the parking lot did.

And clients came to us from as far away as Illinois, Iowa and Oklahoma.

Impact Report

Our location is crucial, because many of those clients walked into our doors, thinking we were the abortion facility across the parking lot. Several stayed, and heard words of life, love, acceptance and help.

By God’s grace, our doors stayed open in 2020!


Just like everyone else, our events looked completely different in 2020. We had to pivot to virtual events, which actually opened the door for even more of our supporters to participate!


Impact Report

219 Walkers
544 Donors
35 Sponsors
Over $100,000 Raised
Over 750 Views of the Broadcast


Impact Report

377 In-Person Attendees
160 Attended Watch Parties
170 Virtual Attendees
Over $600,000 Raised


Impact Report

3 Events
60 Total Participants
Coffee Shop; Bonfire;
Hot Cocoa/Networking

I have been blessed to visit and speak for hundreds of centers across America and Advice & Aid is simply one of the best. The professionalism and dignity in which they carry out this important work speaks to the love which drives their mission. The pro-life movement is blessed to have Advice and Aid on the front-lines of this great cause for life and I'm honored to labor alongside them.
Impact Report
Shawn Carney
CEO & President of 40 Days for Life

220 CLUB

We had a dream for 2020 – that dream was to see 220 babies born through our services throughout the year. This would be an increase over 2019 of 45 babies. It could only happen by God’s grace.

Many of you joined us in that dream, joining our 220 Club and giving us a gift of $220 – one dollar for each life we wanted to see born in 2020.

240 Babies


We not only reached that dream, but sailed right past it.

We saw 240 babies born through our services in 2020!


You can find us in many different places online. Basically, any place that a young woman may be looking for our services is where we will show up.

And in fact, many people did find us online in 2020!

Just how many?

Website Visitors
Appointments Made Online
People Saw Us On Facebook
Website Pages Visited From Google Ads
People Saw Us On Instagram


By now, many of you know of our Abortion Pill Reversal service. In a nutshell, studies have shown that often, a woman who has taken the first series of abortion pills in a two-step abortion process will begin to have doubts regarding her decision. It is during that “in between the doses” time of approximately 72 hours that she may research if her decision can be reversed.

The answer to that question is yes . . . sometimes. We offer this service to women who may be having second thoughts or regrets. And we have seen it work. In fact, THREE BABIES in 2020 were snatched from the jaws of death through our Abortion Pill Reversal protocol.

Meet one of these babies and her brave mother who chose life!


It takes many hands to make us run smoothly. And many of those hands belong to volunteers who, quite honestly, we simply couldn’t do without.

Our volunteers took on different roles in 2020 as we had to limit the number of people who were in our building at any one time. But we still relied heavily on their services, support and prayers. We couldn’t have done 2020 without them!

We also are fully supported by the volunteers who make up both our Board of Directors (which meets monthly – often via video in 2020) and our Medical Advisory Group (which meets quarterly). The men and women who make up these groups have contributed significantly to the success of Advice & Aid over the years. These two groups are comprised of many different backgrounds, all contributing their skills, experience and knowledge in a way that makes us better!

Volunteer 2
Volunteer 1

Board of Directors

  • Medical
  • Legal
  • Accounting/Finance
  • IT
  • Broadcasting
  • Project Management
  • Social Work
  • Education
  • Human Resources

Medical Advisory Group

  • 2 OB/GYNs
  • 3 Radiologists
  • 1 Pathologist
  • ER Specialist
  • Family Practice
  • 1 Aviation Medicine
  • 1 Pediatric Resident
  • 7 RNs


2020 was the year of Envision . . . A New Story, A Better Tomorrow. It was a year to Envision God’s story for what our future would look like. His was a glorious, grand story in the midst of difficulty and adjustment.

These are some of the men, women and children who Envisioned along with us.

Envision-Transparent-White Tagline Included
"I also want to take time to appreciate you all. Thank you all for sharing your strength, your faith, your love, your knowledge, yourself and most importantly your time. All these could never be repaid. It is well appreciated. We are super grateful."
Client Quote

2020 AND BEYOND . . .

We are excited about what God has done in 2020.
And we are looking forward with great anticipation to 2021 because we know He will continue to do great things. Please consider partnering with us as we continue to
Envision God’s Story for Our Tomorrows!

Advice & Aid undergoes a financial audit with a local accounting company on an annual basis.



Impact Report

Overland Park Medical Clinic

10901 Granada Lane
Suite 100
Overland Park, KS 66211

(Currently not open for visits)

Shawnee Office

Shawnee Education Center

Fenton Professional Plaza
11644 W 75th St
Shawnee, KS 66214


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